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A Reconciling Congregation -
You are Welcome Here!

This congregation is a Reconciling Congregation, which means we want gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons and their families to feel welcomed here. May you feel God's loving arms around you in this place.

At Almaden Hills... Your friendship is valued and safeguarded. You are accepted for who you are. You'll find willing listeners, if you want to have a home!

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We, the Almaden Hills United Methodist Church community, grieve with lesbian and gay people over the harmful and ignorant decision by the United Methodist Church General Conference in early May 2012. The General Conference voted to keep doctrinal language that states, “the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.”

We disavow that decision.

We believe that there is a natural and normal, God-given range of variation in people’s gender identity and sexual orientation.

We find the decision of the General Conference contrary to the loving acceptance taught by Jesus Christ, and contrary to current scientific and medical knowledge.

We pledge to continue our struggle to transform the United Methodist Church from within, so that LGBTQI people can enjoy the full life of the church.

Along with many other Methodists, we affirm the human dignity of all people; we will love, respect, and accept everyone. At Almaden Hills United Methodist Church, all are welcome, and all means all. We offer a place of worship for those who feel rejected by the church, and especially people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex. For people who have had church doors slammed in their faces, we open our church doors, our minds, and our hearts.

May 30, 2012

Click here for an open letter to Bishop Warner Brown

Fun + Purpose = Booth + Parade

AHUMC took part in the parade and sponsored a booth at the San Jose Gay Pride Festival. This event is filled with both fun and purpose as our church reaches out to LGBT people, and their friends and families. The Sunday morning parade has included Almaden Hills UMC marchers for the better part of a decade.

While the camaraderie at the booth and parade is enjoyable, our focus is also of prime importance: we want to reach those whom the church has ignored or chased away. As always, we are there to say, loud and clear, “Almaden Hills UMC welcomes EVERYONE.”

AHUMC marches in San Jose Gay Pride parade.

Reconciling Flag Ceremony - 2/25/2007

AHUMC has had a rainbow flag on display as a symbol of its commitment and a sign to the people of our community that we are a Reconciling Congregation. The flags have been stolen three times. On Sunday, February 25th, we met together to dedicate this flag and to reaffirm our commitment.

We gathered to dedicate a very important symbol of our welcome at this church, the rainbow flag, which signals to the community that, in particular, we are a welcoming and safe place for lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgender people, and their families. It’s not obvious to the LGBT community that a church would be accepting and supportive. We want to make it very clear: We will continue to welcome and witness to God’s love for us and for all people.

Rainbow flag is dedicated.

Crowd partication in cermony.

"Almaden Hills United Methodist Church trusts in Christ's work of bringing together those who are separated by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. We celebrate God's welcome to us and to all people."

In June, 1999, AHUMC voted by a large majority to become one of a network of 164 other United Methodist congregations across the nation which have made such a statement. The vote came after several years of study and discernment, specifically looking at the relationship of Christian faith to that part of the population called 'homosexual'. The adopted statement is provided as follows.

Our Statement of Reconciliation
Almaden Hills United Methodist Church
May 1999

Our God is a living God, and our faith is a living faith. As we grow in faith, we must both remember our history as Christians and envision a future that reflects God’s reconciling love for all God’s people.   

We are inspired and humbled by Jesus’ example of compassion and welcome to all. We know that Jesus’ ministry shattered the social, cultural and historical divisions of his time. We are challenged to share God’s love and redeeming power as Jesus did: unconditionally.

We acknowledge with pain that the church is a human institution, and that historically the Christian church as a whole has often reflected, not challenged, divisions in the society around it. Over the centuries the Christian church has not allowed all who seek Christ to participate fully in the life of the church. Only in recent years have we as a denomination sought and accepted the God‑given gifts of women, those with disabilities, and those of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. We are far richer for the gifts of all people, and though we know that some barriers remain, we will strive to ensure the full inclusion of all people in our church life.

We believe that the church as a whole is challenged now to accept the gifts of the gay, lesbian and bisexual people in our midst. We grieve that both historically and to this day, many in the Christian community have reinforced societal prejudices against homosexuals. These prejudices have denied gay, lesbian and bisexual people the opportunity to be accepted within the church family, and to share fully in Christian service.

We reject this historic and ongoing exclusion of gays, lesbians and bisexuals from the body of Christ. We openly welcome gay, lesbian and bisexual people and their families to our congregation, and support their full inclusion in all aspects of church life. We declare ourselves a Reconciling Congregation and pray for God’s grace as we seek to live as faithful witnesses to God’s enduring love.

The members of Almaden Hills United Methodist Church

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