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Health Ministries

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The Health Ministry Council’s goal is the promotion of health and wellness of the members of the AHUMC congregation.

The Health Ministry program is coordinated by our Parish Nurse. The call of the parish nurse is to walk with people through the transitions of life, and to help people find a language of hope in the midst of these transitions.


Who is the Parish Nurse

Our parish nurse, Garnet Martinez, functions as a member of the pastoral team serving the congregation, neighborhood, and community by bringing an assertive approach to wellness, wholeness (mind, body, and spirit), and prevention.

The Parish nurse performs her responsibilities and duties not in the medical model but in the pastoral model of caring.

The parish nurse is a professional member of the ministry team who combines professional nursing expertise with faith concepts to facilitate the healing mission of a congregation. A parish nurse is a LINK between faith and health, helping people connect what they believe with life choices.

Focus of parish nursing

The focus of parish nursing is health promotion/illness prevention known in faith communities as “stewardship of the body.” A parish nurse reclaims the biblical understanding of the dynamic integration of body, spirit, mind, emotions and social situation.

A Parish Nurse does NOT

  1. Perform invasive medical intervention (e.g., Procedures such as dressing changes, injections, etc.)
  2. Administer prescribed and/or over-the-counter medications
  3. Perform medical tests or diagnostic procedures
  4. Prescribe or change medication(s)
  5. Function as a primary health care giver.

How to request help

For questions or requests, please call the church office at (408) 269-2345 and state that a visit with the Parish Nurse is desired. There are several ways to activate this service:

  1. The individual needing help may call.
  2. A family member may call.
  3. A friend may call.
  4. A church staff member may call.

Ways to serve

We need your participation to help prioritize what activities/programs should be offered. A form is provided that lists a number of ways you may participate in our Health Ministry program.

Monthly Blood Pressure Screening Offered

The Health Ministry Council offers monthly blood pressure screenings between church services on the fourth Sunday of each month.  A nurse is available in the Pastor's office to take your blood pressure and provide information about why knowing your blood pressure is an important part of monitoring your health.  Please wear short sleeves or long sleeves of lightweight material.