Almaden Hills United Methodist Church.

Our Purpose

Sharing God's Love; Following the Way

Worship Services

Sunday mornings:
Traditional service
at 10:00

About Us

Selected pictures from AHUMC.

This is the home of Almaden Hills United Methodist Church. We are a Christian church and practice Christian traditions such as worship, prayer, singing, Bible study, fellowship, and communion.

As a Methodist church, the persons who attend may differ in their understanding of God and Christ, and we welcome this diversity. The theology taught reflects Biblical teaching, reason, and practicality. Messages in our worship service provide insight into how the Holy Word presents itself in today’s world – worshippers are shown connections between stories of the past and our lives today.

Our church is committed to social justice and community service, and we participate in numerous activities to help others. Examples include donating to local food banks, supporting homeless shelters, and raising money to buy blankets and garden tools for people in undeveloped countries.

Almaden Hills is a Reconciling Congregation –all are welcome to worship at our church.  You do not need to be a member to attend our church or participate in any of our activities, including Communion, Baptism and Marriage.

We have joyful worship services every Sunday morning (see schedule at left.) Child care is provided during services. We have Sunday school classes for both children and adults. Visitors are always welcome.